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Hello! I am still faily. I have had a huge learning curve with new job which is keeping me busy; once April is over, I should have a little breathing space.

I have begun reading Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth, in readiness for seeing the film. It's so honest. I haven't got to the war yet but I'm struck by her readiness to examine her younger self and be critical. I have seen some discussion in fandom about the expectation, based on the description of the book, that it will be (paraphrasing) another uncritical privileged mourning of the changes that came as a result of WW1 and the world that was lost, but so far it seems very far from that. In fact, far from mourning the world of her girlhood, Brittain is pretty much saying that her upbringing, like that of millions of other young women of her day, was not fit for purpose - for *any* purpose really.

That's about all I have tonight :)
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OK, I missed the first few days, but I was sick and therefore have an excuse! Still sick actually, but not so badly. But i know I need to get back into the habit of writing and this is as good a way as any!

I am still busy, but it's good busy. Working from home, I'm able to work more at my own pace and in line with the way my natural cycles of attention go. This largely involves working from about 7:30am till about 11 am, having a big break in the middle of the day, and then doing a few more hours from about 2:30 till Rohan gets home. It seems to be the way my brain is set up to operate. Oooh, and I have a laptop now! It's slim and light. It makes it much easier for me to work throughout the day as I can move between locations, curl up on the couch, stretch out on the bed, etc. Am still getting used to Windows 8 and setting it all up to operate as I want it to, though.

The Australian federal election is on this Saturday and I am dreading the fact that we'll probably have a change of government. Mind you, IMHO both major parties are representatives of Teh Evil. Quite disgusted with the way the Labor Party has betrayed its roots.

And finally and most wonderfully, it's Spring! Spring has sprung! I had the house all open today and let the warm air in, and it was glorious.

I miss looking forward to new Merlin :(
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1. Today at work I finished something that's been hanging over my head for MONTHS and it was a HUGE relief and I just hope it works. /cryptic. I just needed to talk it over with someone else and get some feedback on what my next steps should be and also be reassured that it wasn't totally awful. Note to self: you can ask for help, especially from people who are technically your supervisor.

2. Also this week, we went through a few of the things from the box of stuff we brought back after Rohan's mum died. Just a few things. Rohan pulled out a brand new electric carving knife, still in box, held it out to me and said "Smell this", and instantly I was transported to that house in Swan Hill. It smelt just like the linen closet there.

3. I'm wearing one of Rohan's mum's rings now. Most of her jewellery was cheap stuff from Avon but this ring is a very fine square-cut garnet, with marcasite, in a silver setting. It's actually quite unlike most of her other things, most of which are quite flowery and feminine whereas this is straight-edged. I wonder where it came from. It fits perfectly. I think of her often when I wear it.

4. For the past week or so Rohan and I have spotted a BUNNEH further down the road when we go to work. Lately we've also spotted it in the evenings when we've been coming home. The BUNNEH is a white-and-fawn coloured BUNNEH and it is running free, unfettered, but always nibbling on the nature strip or hopping around in the driveway of one particular house. At first we thought it was an escapee, but surely someone would have caught it by now? We feared for its safety with dogs and cars around but it seems quite at home. For those of you who have known BUNNEHs, would it be feasible that someone is letting it out in their yard like you would a cat or dog? I have only ever known the wild variety and of course they flee pretty much as soon as I see them.
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I was back at work today for the first time in nearly two weeks. I'm knackered now! I still have The Cough That Can Be Heard On Mars, but am mostly better otherwise. Was touchingly delighted to be with colleagues, even the ones who drive me a bit nuts sometimes; being sick I've barely spoken to other people (except Rohan and his family) and I've missed having other people to distract with random crap talk to.

On Friday I found Connie Willis' All Clear, the second half of Blackout, in the letterbox at 3:44 PM. I finished it at 10:04 PM. I did nothing but gobble it up all day. The emotional payoff was there, although I had a few issues with the book. Now I want other people to read it so I can squee and discuss it with them.

And finally, Colin Morgan can apparently be tied to everything else on TV or indeed in life. My Morgan-sensor finds connections everywhere. In just one afternoon last week, there was:

- a Time Team repeat in which they were digging up things near Armagh, and the TV guide said it was filmed in 1996 and they had some kids hanging round and I was all "... OMG wee!Colin could be one of them..."
- a conversation with Ben in which he said something about Mark Gatiss and I was all "... who has been on stage with Colin Morgan..."
- a thing on telly about lemurs which made me say "... Colin's favourite animal..."

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First day back at work! I have a new boss! I am wearing my Red Power Boots!

Aaaaand... the email's broken and the IT guys don't get in till 9. Cool first impression, what?
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Back at work, but coughing significantly. Fortunately work did not implode in my absence. I am apparently not allowed to have all-in-one cold and flu tablets due to my high blood pressure, so I've been forced to buy nasal spray and cough mixture and panadeine. Hopefully they'll collectively get me through.

I am taking a fleeting overnight visit to Brisbane tonight. Although I would love to see my Brissie flisties, I will be taking a raincheck on account of being sick and coughing a lot. I think I'll need to sleep and save my voice for tomorrow's workshop.

Stupid Virgin Blue won't let me check in online for some reason, Stupid McStupid.

Watched second episode of Sherlock last night. I wish people wouldn't say Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Morgan are lookalikes; sure, they both have lovely cheekbones, but Mr Cumberbatch lacks Mr Morgan's elegant nose and gorgeous eyes. Rohan and I have started using 'Cumberbatch' as a word when we can't think of a suitable real word. Don't cumberbatch me! Pass me that... cumberbatch.

Three weeks from today, I will be in London.
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Morning, fellow humans!

In spite of the fact that I have not been sleeping well, and have been having weird weird dreams*, it is a positive-feeling morning. I wish you all many good things today.

I myself have been busy as a beavery bee. Or a bee-y beaver. I have done loads of good work including tackling a few things that I'd been postponing because they were making me go UGH UGH UGH. I have begun knitting a big thick jacket because it's getting DAMN COLD. I have been a Good Daughter by having good conversations with both my mother (for Mother's Day) and my father (for his birthday). I have booked myself (and Rohan and other-V) into hotels in Suffolk and Compiegne :)

About the only thing I haven't done is finish my damn Merlin WIP on the kinkmeme. I know exactly where it's going, I know how it will end... they just don't want to make it easy for me.

* Last night's dreams included seeing on the news that Bradley James was caught on film sleepwalking in a state of partial undress. This has been by far the best of my recent dreams.
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Man, I feel amazingly better having done a day's work. Isn't that odd?

Of course, some of it may have to do with these things:

1. Went to visit the shoppe today, was given lovely CDs of Ted Hughes by [ profile] frivol and some sorely neded fandom cheering up by [ profile] vissy.

2. Boss cashed in her frequent flyer points and gave us all a $50 Myer gift card. o_O

3. I got a $50 Borders gift card as a speakers gift from a conference I spoke at a few weeks back.

4. I am now officially on leave for 40 hours... then I work for 4 hours... then I'm on leave again till next Monday. Woot!

5. I have an icon of Colin Morgan dressed as a cat. *points at icon* How can this possibly fail to make me happy? He has a little black cat nose! And whiskers! (Thanks to [ profile] rodneyscat for the screencap and the quick Colin boost this morning)
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I just spent ten minutes on the phone with some dude. He called up asking for funding, but he's just an individual with "a really great idea". When I explained the stuff about needing to be an actual organisation with charitable status, he started crapping on about the government and how it tries to keep charities under its thumb, and how unfair it is for the average man in the street, and how the Rudd Government is evil, and why wasn't there funding for his idea?

When he eventually got to a point in his rant where he paused, I asked him pointedly, "Can I help you with anything else today?"

And he said "No, that's all for today. I think I'll just go and annoy the government."

And he frackin' hung up on me.

And that, my friends, is why I frequently loathe and despise the general public. Because it's full of people who want to waste my time for no reason, knowing that I am at work and therefore to professional to hang up on them, but who feel free to hang up on me.

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I have to fly to Sydney early tomorrow for a day trip to speak at a conference. I'll be in Sydney maybe four hours but the trip will take up the entire day. And I have a large red zit on my cheek (which is normally a smooth pale cheek so the zit stands out like crazy) AND I am getting a stye in my right eye. AND I haven't finished writing my speech yet. Do not want.

However, my day is cheered considerably by this. The Colin and Bradley Road Trip Show! They need to make more of these. I hope they do many utterly silly things. I see it is only on BBC Wales - huh? Someone in Wales better be on the ball and upload this thing.


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