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First, Merlin spoilers within )

Rohan and I were pigs on the weekend. PIGS. We did no washing up or cleaning at all. There are eight glasses on the coffee table. Eight! For two people!

This is part of a general ennui. We both want to curl up and do nothing on the weekends. There is little joy in life right now. I spend my Fridays off mostly sleeping. However, we did go and see Deathly Hallows on Saturday, and we bought a new scratching post for poor Oliver (who had taken to lying beside the useless, scratched-to-pieces post with his paws resting lightly on the base, as if to point out how useless it was).

There has been rain and rain and more rain. I know it is sacrilege to diss the rain when one's region has only just come out of a decade-long drought, but I'd really like it to stop. It's too wet to hang things on the line but too warm to put the heater on, so all our washing has taken all weekend to dry and has a tinge of that sour damp-laundry smell. Blech.
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1. Today at work I finished something that's been hanging over my head for MONTHS and it was a HUGE relief and I just hope it works. /cryptic. I just needed to talk it over with someone else and get some feedback on what my next steps should be and also be reassured that it wasn't totally awful. Note to self: you can ask for help, especially from people who are technically your supervisor.

2. Also this week, we went through a few of the things from the box of stuff we brought back after Rohan's mum died. Just a few things. Rohan pulled out a brand new electric carving knife, still in box, held it out to me and said "Smell this", and instantly I was transported to that house in Swan Hill. It smelt just like the linen closet there.

3. I'm wearing one of Rohan's mum's rings now. Most of her jewellery was cheap stuff from Avon but this ring is a very fine square-cut garnet, with marcasite, in a silver setting. It's actually quite unlike most of her other things, most of which are quite flowery and feminine whereas this is straight-edged. I wonder where it came from. It fits perfectly. I think of her often when I wear it.

4. For the past week or so Rohan and I have spotted a BUNNEH further down the road when we go to work. Lately we've also spotted it in the evenings when we've been coming home. The BUNNEH is a white-and-fawn coloured BUNNEH and it is running free, unfettered, but always nibbling on the nature strip or hopping around in the driveway of one particular house. At first we thought it was an escapee, but surely someone would have caught it by now? We feared for its safety with dogs and cars around but it seems quite at home. For those of you who have known BUNNEHs, would it be feasible that someone is letting it out in their yard like you would a cat or dog? I have only ever known the wild variety and of course they flee pretty much as soon as I see them.


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