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I love documentaries. Love 'em. Recently I saw two - one American and one English - that really stuck in my mind. They were not about similar incidents but they're both about families, people trying to make sense of the inexplicable, and most of all about the illusion of perfection and the pressure to keep that appearance going at all costs.

The US documentary was 'There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane' which you can watch here in its entirety (warning: it does contain two distressing images of Diane's dead body after she was pulled out of the wreck). It's about the Taconic State Parkway crash; Diane Schuler drove the wrong way down a highway for two miles and ended up smashing into another car, killing herself, her daughter, her three nieces and three people in the car she hit. Her autopsy showed that she'd drunk a large amount of alcohol and smoked marijuana just before the crash, but everyone who knew her insists she was a perfect mother, psychologically stable, and definitely not an alcoholic.

It's not just Aunt Diane there was something wrong with. )

The English doco was 'We Need to Talk About Dad' which you can watch on the youtubes here. It's about a happy family - parents and two boys with a "perfect" life - until the father called the mum into the garden, blindfolded her telling her he had a surprise for her... and hit her in the head with an axe. Amazingly, she not only survived but did everything she could to prevent his prosecution. Originally charged with attempted murder he was eventually convicted of GBH and spent only five months in prison. He was deemed to have suffered a temporary psychotic episode, and his wife took him back into the family home.

This was both OK and not OK with their eldest son )

So there you go; two haunting documentaries about two horrible events.
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Rohan is sick again. Argh! Still, at least it is enabling me to perfect my chicken soup technique. I made my own stock yesterday. Exciting times :)

Anyhoo. We went to be part of the audience for the first episode of Spicks and Specks on Wednesday. It was awesome fun. We were fortunate, because as the season opener and taped in the middle of the Comedy Festival it was a one-hour comedy special. The guests included Stephen K Amos, David O'Doherty, Kitty Flanagan, and Tripod!

  • It took a long time; over 2 1/2 hours to film a one-hour special. Fortunately, because the guests were all comedians, they were all constantly "on" and entertaining us during the long breaks to get things set up or sets disassembled. We barely needed the warm-up guy for that, although he was good too.

  • The studio is small and the set is much shabbier than it looks on TV :) The floor was covered in cords.

  • Myf was very quiet; Adam Hills is much naughtier off camera than on; Alan Brough was in fine form all the way through, particularly when he was show the Rebecca Whatserface 'Friday' clip for the first time :)

  • They filmed the closing number first, apparently to capture a high energy level; they had to do the whole thing twice over and then they had to run through it three times from about halfway through. It was fun though :)

  • They dropped one segment because filming was going on so long and Adam reminded them "Come on, David O'Doherty has a comedy gig to get to!"

I think that's it. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon :)
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Back at work, but coughing significantly. Fortunately work did not implode in my absence. I am apparently not allowed to have all-in-one cold and flu tablets due to my high blood pressure, so I've been forced to buy nasal spray and cough mixture and panadeine. Hopefully they'll collectively get me through.

I am taking a fleeting overnight visit to Brisbane tonight. Although I would love to see my Brissie flisties, I will be taking a raincheck on account of being sick and coughing a lot. I think I'll need to sleep and save my voice for tomorrow's workshop.

Stupid Virgin Blue won't let me check in online for some reason, Stupid McStupid.

Watched second episode of Sherlock last night. I wish people wouldn't say Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Morgan are lookalikes; sure, they both have lovely cheekbones, but Mr Cumberbatch lacks Mr Morgan's elegant nose and gorgeous eyes. Rohan and I have started using 'Cumberbatch' as a word when we can't think of a suitable real word. Don't cumberbatch me! Pass me that... cumberbatch.

Three weeks from today, I will be in London.
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We just watched the first episode of 'Sherlock'. It was fabulous!
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1. Holiday update: Eurostar is now booked. All we have left is the car hire. We leave five weeks from Friday. Eeee!

2. EEEE MERLIN TRAILER! I don't know if we will go to the screening at BFI - we'll be in Bury St Edmunds, and it's on a Sunday which means transport will be tricky, and I've vowed never to pin my hopes on a celebrity appearance ever again. But I'm thinking about it.

3. We finally watched all of s2 and 3 of Ashes to Ashes. Quite, quite extraordinary. I was totally hooked, especially trying to work out what was going on in that final series.

4. Last night Rohan watched an episode of Mission: Impossible which featured Leonard Nimoy doing the worst Australian accent in the world. It went something like this:

NIMOY: Oi knoow a borss corck beck in ‘ong Kong…
ME: Boss cock. WHUT.
ROHAN: Do you think he’s actually going to say “Strewth”?
NIMOY: Beaut!
ROHAN: I wonder if he’ll use any actual Australian slang.
ME: Nah. All our real slang is too rude.

5. Maybe it's the post-funeral strangeness talking, but I got back to work yesterday and I honestly do not give a shit about a lot of the work-stuff I used to. It's as if I've suddenly realised that this is not my life, there is more to life, and it's important to bloody well live it and enjoy it and not worry about some member getting their knickers in a twist over trivial matters. It just doesn't matter that much any more.

6. Also post-funeral and post-clean-up: I am determined to clean up my damn house and throw out a lot of the crap I've been hanging on to. One clean-up project per weekend. Yayes?
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Oh, the heat. Tonight will be unpleasant for sleeping (22 degrees) and tomorrow will be a mere 43. Melbourne likes to try and kill us with the heat regularly.

Also, we were woken at 3:30 am by the delightful sound of cat-vomiting-next-to-the-bed.

Buffython = all season 1 and one disc of season 2. 16 eps in 2 days. UTHER IS A LIBRARIAN. GILES IS A KING. I'd forgotten how much fun Buffy is.

I think I'll sojourn to the bedroom and read something. With a glass of rose.


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