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The white hot rage of last night has TIM ) I mean, honestly. This is why I normally supress my anger - it's so all-encompassing that it Does Things To Me. It was seeing other people's difficulties in getting this "service" switched off, plus finding out that this company rips people off all over the western world, That Done It. (Google "airg unsolicited charges" - it's interesting)

So, in the interests of determining to be less negative, here's a list of Good Things.

1. Knitting. I began a sock on Sunday night and finished it yesterday on the train. I knitted half the foot of a second one last night under the influence of White Hot Rage. Turns out it's a good and productive channel for anger. It's just as well, because I may have gone slightly crazy with US yarn purchases when the dollar began dancing with parity. Especially with this, which is beautiful yarn and only $12.95 and free worldwide shipping. I mean, come on! I also have a couple of shawls on the go including a beautiful silk/wool one.

2. Speaking of parity, I also went to Fyrinnae, which I believe [personal profile] anneheart put me onto. I love love love sparkly and coloured eyeshadow but I don't wear them often (y'know, professional image and all that). The great thing about Fyrinnae is that you can buy tiny samplers of their colours, only 1/3 of a teaspoon but easily enough to last me forever. I've basically spent $30 and got a lifetime's worth of different shades. And free shipping worldwide over $20! And it's beautiful, beautiful stuff. Many of them are sparkly but some are neutral and subtle - today I'm wearing Atomic Afterglow which is a perfectly worksafe shade.

3. Sharing photos of Bradley James with Ben. Lots of fun. And speaking of cute boys, [ profile] a_shot_of_colin continues to be my go-to happy place during the day when things are getting rough.

4. I continue to adore Merlin and have so many fic ideas that I can't decide which one to do first. Although I need to finish the giant KMM WIP first.

I'm going to the doctor today, to get my cough checked out. Poor Rohan is being very patient but being woken up half a dozen times a night is undoubtedly getting on his nerves. It's certainly getting on mine!

ETA: A very helpful Telstra guy who posts to offered to sort my problem. I called AirG on his suggestion and said that I did not agree to the subscription, had done nothing to be subscribed, would not pay the charges and want them reversed on my account. He assured me that would be done. The Telstra guy on Whirlpool said to let him know if the charges aren't credited and he'll sort it out.

The AirG guy (obviously US based) didn't even seem surprised and didn't try to argue. I reckon they get this a lot, and they probably just figure it's worth their while when A) there are a lot of people who don't check their bill, and B) they get to use those people's money for at least a month or so.


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