Jan. 5th, 2010 08:49 am
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Progress was made yesterday. I bought a 2010 diary, picked up a 3-month supply of contact lenses (daily disposables, the boxes are big) and thanks to [ profile] tetsubinatu and [ profile] piratesorka even made a dentist's appointment! That's my first resolution down! WIN.

I cannot stop staring at this picture of Colin Morgan. WEAR MOAR FITTED JEANS COLIN. And fewer stripes.

You know, it strikes me that Merlin's the perfect eye-candy show for me. I have two physical types; dark-haired skinny pale boy, and fit blond Englishman. This show provides me with one of each, and both of them funny and charming, which is my other Big Red Button. What more could a girl want?


Aug. 12th, 2009 12:25 pm
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Ya know, I have been profoundly grateful that I live in a country with the bogeyman of "socialised medicine". Since December I've had fifteen appointments with my opthamologist involving multiple eye exams, and none of it's cost me a cent, thanks to Medicare.

On the down side I have spent plenty on my eyes since then - about $1100 at last count, after the health insurance rebate - but that's been for new specs, prescription sunnies, lenses and medication. None of it's been for the actual doctor time, which is all bulk-billed so I'm not out of pocket for a cent.

I suppose it is to the government's advantage that I not go blind.

My opthamologist now thinks I may have an underlying corneal dystrophy which caused the SLK, and has ordered me some really soft lenses to try out. She tells me I'm so interesting she refers to me as "not a real patient". Hee.


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