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... because I've just returned from family Christmas and we literally finished watching the episode about ten minutes before we had to dash out the door so I haven't had time to digest it properly, but in the meantime, I spoil you in here! )
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... that this is the final series of Merlin. I am sad but not as sad as I expected.

I am sad I won't have more episodes, and I am sad because there was some potential there which I think was just missed. But I do think it's better for the show to go out on a relative high. I know plenty of people disagree with me but I think seasons four and five have been pretty bloody good. I know people are upset we haven't had a revelation of Merlin's magic, but to me that was not an essential (although admittedly it was on the wish list). I had thought they might do a "Wicked Day" on us and give us the revelation in ep 3 or 4 this season, but alas no.

For me, this is the first fandom I've been in where I haven't either lost interest or had things turn sour before the end.

More previous fandom reminiscing )

The thing about all those fandoms (well, most of them) is that even going back to the first one, I made many friends who are still dear friends to this day. Sometimes your fandom friends are like ships who pass in the night. Others are people who stay with you and who you care about even if you don't have much in common any more. I hope you who are my Merlin friends stick around. I have only friended you if I think you're pretty awesome in other ways, not just because we share a fandom for a while.

I do feel it is a natural thing for Merlin to stop while it's still going strong. I have a feeling that if it went for one more season I might begin to lose interest and I don't want that to happen. Merlin came to me at a high point in my life (in fact when I first saw it I was exuberantly loving being in London with my dearest friends) and it has distracted and comforted me through some tough times as well. I had some happy fandom experiences, including seeing the premiere of season 3 with [ profile] loreley_se and [ profile] rodneyscat who have been LJ friends since the LOTR days. I even started writing fic again, and although I haven't produced much I am happy with what I did produce, and I enjoyed doing it.

And for the first time ever, I had a meet-your-actor experience that was absolutely perfect. Meeting Colin Morgan at Supanova was the only experience of its type I've had where I got exactly what I wanted out of the experience, and I was still in love enough with the show to appreciate it. I'll always treasure that I had that moment.

And Merlin introduced me to Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Thank you for that, show.

Now give us an awesome ending.


Oct. 31st, 2011 09:52 am
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It's Halloween! And it's also the day before Melbourne Cup public holiday! And it's less than a week till (all going well) I meet the lovely Colin Morgan! Also I have new, shiny shoes which are very dark red shading to black.

And Merlin was pretty awesome this week, as indeed for the entire season so far. Rohan wants the Doctor Who producers to poach the Merlin writers :) Spoilers ahoy! )
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I'm so in love with my show right now. I don't care if other people don't like it, I'm in my show-adoring bubble.

Merlin 4.01, The Darkest Hour; discombobulated thoughts and ramblings )
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I didn't believe it was him at first. I stand corrected!

BFI report

Sep. 6th, 2010 04:47 am
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Oh my word. Oh my. Oh oh oh!!! I have just arrived back in Suffolk from our day trip to London to see the BFI screening of the Merlin premiere. I HAVE SEEN COLIN MORGAN IN THE FLESH. How can he be even more beautiful in real life than on screen?

Anyway. [ profile] vissy and I were at the screening courtesy of [ profile] loreley_se. We met up with her and [ profile] rodneyscat and joined the squeeing mob. It was lovely to meet people I've known on LJ for so long - since the old LOTR days - and it was *so good* to have fellow fangirls to squee with, especially being able to sigh over Colin's lips with [ profile] rodneyscat!

Apparently we walked right past Bradley at one point, but I missed him. I did get to see Colin settling into his autograph spot looking absolutely gorgeous; we lined up but alas we didn't manage to get an autograph, although we nabbed a few of the pre-signed cards they were giving away. We got within about 5 people of autographs - so close and yet so far!!! We managed to do some fangirl gossiping whilst waiting. Then it was off to the screening, and the cast were there watching it with us (up the back). I won't spoil here, but I thoroughly enjoyed the (double) episode and will have many things to say about it when it screens. The Q&A session with the cast followed. Katie was her usual spry and cheerful self; Angel was beautiful but very quiet; Tony was awesome and obviously having a ball; Richard was quiet but slyly amusing when he answered a question; Bradley was a bit quiet but looking gorgeous; and Colin was utterly charming and bouncy, laughing and smiling a lot and occasionally grinning and raising eyebrows over at the loudest and most innuendo-laden part of the audience.

Of course, I can barely remember what anybody said. I was too busy basking in it all. The joy of being in an audience with so many other people all there for the same thing; the lovely friends who made it possible for us to be there; and the lovely lovely cast. I am so happy right now.

Oh, photos? I didn't take too many because I was busy just being happy. Here are the best few; sorry they're crap quality, I'll post bigger versions when we get back to Australia. But [ profile] loreley_se has much, much better ones anyway :)

Colin and Katie; as close as we could get to them in the autograph queue.

The masculine component of the cast (oh, and Angel).


Bit better

Aug. 6th, 2010 11:01 am
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Feel a bit better this morning. The brain is at least working better than it was for the past few days. Rohan is cooking me his famous eggs on toast. And there's this:


(I'm not really a vid fan, but there are enough animated GIFs here to keep me staring for HOURS. Oh, boys.)

I think I will be well enough to do a workshop next week, now.

Three weeks to our trip EEEEE!!!
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Dear God, Bradley James. Do you have to be quite so gorgeous?

In other news, it's such a shame that names from LOTR aren't allowed in word games. I would've scored big with Gloin!

Incidentally, Word Warp on my iPod doesn't recognise "cosy" as a word. Huh? I mean, it is a word, right?
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Given my choice of Merlin boys, I am a Colin Morgan girl. I am also not a sport-loving person.

So why can't I stop obsessively replaying the footage of Bradley James playing a charity match at Old Trafford?

Especially the penalty shot, and the first action where that Man U guy knocks him out of the way and he goes flying. And the bit where he holds the trophy. HELP HELP I'M GETTING OBSESSED.
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So first there was the video of Colin Morgan being cute with a kid and now there is an anecdote of Bradley James being adorable with kids.



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