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Hello, new people I have friended, or people who have come across me. Feel free to friend me back, or not.

I am 41, partnered but childless, and have a job. I live in Australia. I do not bite and have no interest in generating wank of any kind. I am a serial fandom monogamist and my current love is 'Merlin'. I am mainly a Colin girl but I adore the entire cast. I am never solely focused on one OTP. I read fic a lot but comment too rarely. I also write fic, and have several works in progress, but tend to write less popular pairings and am slower than a snail so don't expect to see a great quantity of fic here. You can find what I have written, Merlin-wise, under the 'my fic' tag. I have also written for previous fandoms but can't be arsed finding it and so it's not tagged :D

The King's Trust: NC-17, Uther/Merlin (Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, if you squint). About 18,000 words; spoilers for season one.
Warnings: Dubious consent, veering into non-con in at least one scene. AU, diverging from canon at the end of the first episode.
Written in response to this prompt at the Merlin kinkmeme: "AU. Rather than being made Arthur's manservant, Merlin is made Uther's concubine."

A Gift Unasked For: R; Merlin/Freya, Arthur/Merlin; about 27,000 words; spoilers up to 2.09.
Written in response to this prompt at the Merlin kinkmeme: "What if Merlin did leave with Freya in ep.9?"

Thou Art All the Comfort the Gods Will Diet Me With: PG; genfic with Uther, Arthur, Merlin; 1403 words.
Uther character study, postscript to the events of ep 2.08; written for the [ profile] hc_bingo square: insomnia

Yonder Comes the Morning: PG, Arthur/Merlin or Arthur and Merlin friendship depending on how you want to read it; 5800 words.
Merlin is bitten by a snake. Arthur tries to help. There is a magic reveal of a different colour.

All my Merlin fic is also at AO3.

I knit a lot. Also, I write more stuff here about real-life than about Merlin.
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