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My god, is it over a week into January already? How time flies.

Happiness is having a friend like [ profile] gaminette who will go and see Mojo and buy me a programme and send it to me <3 <3
(I only wish we'd been able to see it together, as we did The Tempest... Damnit, London, why must you be so far away?)

We have been watching Coast Australia, which is the Australian edition of 'Coast' starring Neil Oliver of windswept long hair fame. When we did the Great Ocean Road last year, we saw the signs and trailers round by the Twelve Apostles saying they were filming Coast. I didn't catch a glimpse of Neil (or his hair) then but it's fun to watch it saying "We were there then!" :)

This brings up the notion of another holiday, although we don't know where or when, or how long for. Alas, the Aussie dollar has done a nosedive against the pound, meaning that the accommodation which cost us the equivalent of $140 a night in May would now set us back about $180. Ouch. We might have to delay London for a couple of years, and then I suspect it will be part of a Glorious European Holiday. London, I love you and miss you.

I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is livejournal facebook tumblr all kinds of blogging, really.


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